Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Josh Update

(This is Brea's friend, Kim - just got off the phone with an update and this was best way to get out to everyone.)

Tomorrow Josh will have an Arteriorgram to check for blockage in his heart, they are 99% sure they won't find any however this is a must for the Defibrillator they want to put in on Friday. Four hours after this test tomorrow, he will be moved by ambulance to Centennial where the d-fib will be put in on Friday. If all goes well, he MAY be released to go home on Saturday.

They of course will continue to seek the cause of all this with several theories bouncing around at this point. But the d-fib being in him will prevent it from happening again as it will shock him if ever his heart stops again.

Josh is resting well, beginning to remember more & more, and has been able to see Maggie. There is plenty of food coming. And Ali is getting decent rest and staying between Brea's & JuJu's house. Also nursing is going much better!

Continue your prayers, they are very appreciated.

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