Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Josh Update

8/1/07 9:11 pm

THANKS KIM for the last update....

Josh is resting with my dad at his side again tonight. Alison/Maggie have gone home with JuJu and we have just arrived at our new house to start to unpack boxes. The kids are being so GOOD, Anna even slept in her new room in the basement last night!!! She is getting so big!

Wanted to give some more thanks to all the people who have called/come by/prayed. THANKS to Brenda Head for bringing lunch today and to Patti & Ronnie Rogers and Danny & LJ Stults for bringing YUMMY Panera for dinner tonight.

Josh's brother, Justin, and his wife, Lori, and 4 month old daughter Sophie arrived today from Indiana. Ryan (Josh's childhood best friend) also came down with them. They will be staying at Josh and Ali's house until they leave (either tomorrow or Friday) Josh was very excited to see them. Josh's parents went home last night so I am sure that he was glad to have some more family come in (although he doesn't remember seeing his parents the last two days). The short term memory is still a challenge for him, but he is getting better day by day.

Josh was finally told today what actually happened to him. The cardiologist felt it was time to tell him simply because Josh was really wanting to go home and wanting to know why that wasn't possible. Josh actually took it surprisingly of the first questions he asked was who performed CPR! He understands the best he can what the procedures will consist of the next two days and the only time he seemed apprehensive today was when the cardiologist told him that worst case, he would be out of work for 2 months. Josh LOVES his job and works for a small computer programming company so I think he was worried about what they would do without him, but we all assured him that his boss will be fine (he is a wonderful man) and that work was the LAST THING he needed to worry with.

GOD IS GOOD, keep praying....and I will post more about what the procedure tomorrow evening.

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