Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fundraiser #2: Wii Fit

That's right, for $5 per ticket, you get your name in the hat for a BRAND NEW Wii Fit. The HOT toy this Christmas. It retails for $89.99 and is VERY HARD TO FIND! This only works if you already have a Nintendo Wii. What can you do with it if you win? Use it, Give It Away, Or Sell It On Ebay.

How do you buy tickets? Just click on that handy dandy paypal link to the right and make a $5 donation. If you want 2 tickets, donate $10. Be sure you put whose name you want the raffle tickets in and a phone number for us to contact you if you win. If you don't have a paypal account and still wish to purchase tickets, email me at and I'll email you the address to mail a check to. We will be drawing at 12pm CST on Saturday, November 22. I'll post the results immediately following. GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THESE PICS OF US USING OUR Wii FIT!

Jonathan and the kids hoola-hooping on the Wii fit:

Mommy and kids doing a little yoga:

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Anonymous said...

that game looks like such fun :)
you can use it for skateboarding and snowboarding games too!