Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prayers for Wez & the Websters

If you are like me, you hear of many heartbreaking prayer requests daily. Requests for donations to certain causes. Heck, I've even asked you to come spend money at our yard sale to help fund our next adoption.

Today, I have two things to tell you about that I want to prayerfully consider if you can help these people.

The first is this family: Prayers for Wez He desperately needs surgery that insurance won't cover and they are even ready to sell their house to make this happen. Please check out their blog and consider giving. We gave $25 and I would challenge any of you reading this to consider giving the same!

The second is the Webster family. Karen and Brian are adopting an embryo through Bethany Christian Services here in Nashville. They are having a yard sale (does this sound familiar?) on November 15 and need stuff. I know Jonathan and I are cleaning out stuff to give to them (including all of our leftover stuff!). They need to raise at least $4,000 so please consider doing a little pre-holiday cleaning out and donate to them. They will even pick it up! What's better than a clean house and giving to a good cause.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing along the info about the Websters. They will make wonderful parents. I have the priviledge of attending church with them. Hugs Crazy Aunt Jane