Saturday, November 29, 2008

Isaac and Luke - Growing Up

Seven years ago, as I type this, I was laying in Vanderbilt hospital wondering how in the world I was going to handle what God had just blessed our family with. Isaac and Luke had been born the night before at 9:41pm and 9:51pm, and although they were 7 weeks early, they were holding their own in the NICU.

They were so tiny compared to the only other baby I had ever birthed. Anna had weighed in at 8 lbs. 7 oz. Isaac was 5 lbs. 2 oz. and Luke was 4 lbs. 14 oz. I now know that is huge for twins that are born 7 weeks early, but at the time when they are hooked up to so many things, they looked like tiny little peanuts. I had labored the day before for 12 hours, so I was exhausted, but cried every time I had to leave the NICU and my babies. About this time, Anna was arriving to meet her new brothers for the first time. My grandma and grandpa had kept her the night before. When she arrived at the hospital, I think she was more excited to push mommy to the NICU in a wheelchair than she was to actually meet her new brothers. You see, she was only 3 years old, and although she was a smart cookie, she had no idea how much her world would change in 10 more days when mommy brought her new brothers home.

Now, 7 years later, those guys that started out so tiny are some of the tallest in their classes. Last night, our family went to Kabuto (the boys choice) for a small birthday celebration. JuJu gave them some New Balance shoes (size 3) and when we got home and tried them on, they are too small. My 7 year olds have a huge foot! Although many people still can't tell them apart (yes, they are identical), they are as different as night and day. They are both very smart, love to read. As I tell many, they are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. When they are in good moods, they don't want to play with anyone else (except their best friend Cam). When they are in bad moods, they don't want to fight with anyone else (well, that's a stretch).

Isaac was born first and to this day, remains more of the leader of the two. He's a pretty easy kid. He is a great reader but struggles a bit with his handwriting. He took to Mary Elizabeth right away when we brought her home and to this day, will come and love on her for no reason or pick her up and wag her around the house. He enjoys anything outdoors, especially riding his bike. He loves to help me with anything I ask and he is a great boy. I love this guy to death!

Luke is our free thinker. He is sometimes just lost in space and although he is the most loving child you will ever meet, he has definitely taught me more patience than I thought I would ever need. Luke doesn't read quite as well as Isaac, but his handwriting is perfect. He doesn't pay Mary Elizabeth much attention, unless he notices Isaac doing it and then he is on board. Don't get me wrong, he loves her, he would just rather drag his best friend (a stuffed bear) Johnny around the house than to wag his sister around. He is very sensitive and worries about what people think. He did everything first (walked, crawled, etc.) and to this day will eat anything you put in front of him (Isaac is super picky like his daddy). Luke makes every day fun as you are constantly laughing out loud at something he comes up with. He is a master of doing nothing but making you think he is right there working along with his brother. I love him to death as well!

So, that's my boys. My great guys that are now 7 years old. Being their mom is a blessing, seriously. They are a riot and I constantly am amazed at how much personality God stuffed in their bodies. A big THANK YOU to Uncle Josh who took these amazing pics on Thanksgiving Day. Check out this post to see the rest. YOU ROCK!


Anonymous said...

Great post! You know what I was thinking just a few days ago as I looked at your header? 'man, those boys look like twins!' Im a little slow.. :) They are so handsome!

jeanine said...

Happy Birthday Boys! Love you!
xoxo, nene

Jennifer Fleming said...

Your two are just like my two, how opposite and different in their own way. Its so Amazing and twins are so much fun!!!

Happy Birthday Luke and Isaac!

Alison said...


This post for sure brought tears to my eyes. Seems like those sweet boys were just born. I remember Jonathan taking me back to see them and they were TINY. I love your children more than you will ever know. I love how you went back in time to talk about what happened 7 years ago. They have blessed all of us richly.

Love you,

Laura Kelley said...

I swear I have always thought the boys were small clones of Jonathan, but tonight Josh said they looked like you in the face and for the first time I think I might agree. Although, they are quite handsome and I wouldnt really call you handsome:)

Rachel Wilson said...

How can it be that we are the mothers of seven year olds and ten years olds(and the others to)? Where did our babies go?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday boys!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I had tears reading this, too...especially the part about their birth. My Mackenzie will be 7 this Saturday. It just doesn't seem possible! (more tears)

Happy Birthday, Isaac & Luke!!!

Erin Morgan said...

I know they are identical, but in the photos, Issac looks just like Jonathan. What a precious gift to have such sweet boys!