Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, I have to tell all you fellow bloggers a funny little story about recognition.

As many of you know, I run a consignment sale. What started out as a small consignment sale turned into a large consignment sale pretty quickly so I am constantly running into people where I know their face (and possibly some recognition of a situation), but I have no clue what their name is.

After the fall sale, I received an email from a lady who had gotten home and one of the toys that she had bought was incomplete. Can I just take this moment to say, CHECK YOUR TOYS before you consign, as there is nothing more frustrating than getting home with a toy that you know your child will just love only to find out the silly thing doesn't work or is missing pieces. Can I get an AMEN! Anyhoo, back to the story. She was super sweet about it. Honestly, her name was familiar but I couldn't put a face with her name.

Fast forward to a day at CVS when they were having a special on paper towels/toilet paper. I loaded up because the deal was fabulous, but it took me forever to find the Viva paper towels as they were hidden in the back corner at our newly remodeled CVS in Hendersonville with the hateful staff-except for the manager (another blog post for another day) As I rounded a corner with my plethora of kids and Viva, I ran into a girl whom I knew looked familiar from the sale, but had no clue what her name was. She immediately said, "that's where all the paper towels went!" I immediately told her where they were hiding in the back corner, but it ate at me all day why I didn't ask her name and re-introduce myself.

Today, I get a wonderful email from a lady that reads the blog. It was awesome and made my day. I recognized her name as the toy missing parts lady so I decided to take a few minutes and surf her blog. Liked what I saw, decided to add it to blog reader and then I saw her picture. Yep, Mrs. Sarah, you are my CVS Viva paper towel lady.

So, this lengthy post is to remind you to do something. Next time you see someone you think you know, bite the bullet and reintroduce yourself. I just love this girl and I could have figured out a while ago that she was THE SARAH if I had just opened my mouth in CVS that day. Trust me, seeing her was the only pleasant thing that happened in that store with the hateful staff (except for the manager).


Anonymous said...

Brea, Ok I consign in your sale AND have read your blog for a while. When I saw you in CVS I didnt want you to think I was stalking you! LOL I love reading and am so glad we are official friends now. :)

jeanine said...

lol - "its a small world after all" playing in my head. But of course, after knowing you for 20 years, I'm not at ALL surprised. hee hee. xoxo

Heather said...

I love the picture at the top of your blog, what a good looking family you have!!

Anonymous said...

It is a small world. . . Sarah and I have been friends for a long time and yes she is very sweet. I was shocked to see a post about someone I know on your blog!