Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Next Fundraisers

Can I just say that I am having so much fun fundraising for Ben? Now, granted, I didn't know that with our first yard sale it would be to bring Ben home, but now that I have a face and a name, I feel so excited knowing that each dollar we raise puts us one mile closer to putting my arms around my newest son. I can't wait to hold him in my arms and tell him all about his brothers and sisters waiting at home to meet him (and grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.)

Anyway, I am proud to announce fundraiser #2 and #3 tonight. I think they are both PRETTY AWESOME if you ask me and I can't wait to see what you guys think. I think what makes these really fun is that you guys get to benefit from the fundraising too! Not only are you helping raise the balance of our adoption fund, but you are getting cool stuff as well. I mean, how much fun was it shopping through all those goodies at the yard sale? Anyway, back on track.

Fundraiser #2 will start tonight as soon as I get dinner in me and get the post up. We are doing a raffle for the HOT TOY this Christmas: A BRAND NEW IN BOX Wii FIT! Tickets will be $5 each and we will be drawing a winner on Saturday, November 22 at 12pm CST.

Fundraiser #3 will be held Friday and Saturday, November 21-22. Julie Montgomery (The Kids Clothes Basket) will be bringing ALL OF HER REMAINING BOUTIQUE INVENTORY to my house and selling it at 50% off the lowest ticketed price making it 60-90% off retail. If you love smocked clothing, Baby Lulu, etc. you do not want to miss this sale. If you need Christmas outfits for your kids, you do not want to miss this sale. It will be held in my garage and times will be announced tomorrow night here on the blog. Julie is graciously making a donation to our adoption fund since I am hosting this for her! During this awesome sale, we will also be having a Longaberger sale in the bonus room downstairs. What is this you ask? Candy Williams, my awesome Longaberger rep, will be set up taking orders for anything out of the current Longaberger wishlist and promises to have it to you in time for Christmas. The best part? We will also have OVER 70 BASKETS available for cash and carry and nothing will be priced over $35. Did you read that? Yes, $35. There are some amazing baskets here already. Signed baskets, collectors club baskets, etc. and most of them are retired. IF YOU HAVE LONGABERGER YOU WOULD LIKE TO's easy. Just email me at All you need to do is figure out what price you want to put on your items (we are taking baskets, wrought iron, pottery, pretty much anything Longaberger) and then we set up a time to get it from you. We will display it, price it and hopefully sell it. We will keep 20% of the selling price for the adoption fund, BUT if you choose to turn around and spend your profits with Candy, you keep 100% as Candy is making a donation to our adoption fund for all purchases made that day on any NEW Longaberger. It's a win win for everyone....

So plan to come see me on November 21 and 22 to shop for beautiful children's boutique clothing, new Longaberger and some of your retired favorites. It's a great way to pick up Christmas gifts and help us bring Ben home! And if you are a grandma reading this, trust me when I say, that we all love boutique outfits for our kiddos for Christmas gifts!

THANKS again for all your support. THANKS to those that have sent paypal donations the last few weeks. I haven't sent thank you notes yet, but I haven't forgotten you. Your support means so much and we love you!


CC said...

I'm so glad you posted info on Facebook. But now that I've seen your blog, it will be visited often! I will be coming to check out the Longaberger! I think of you often and pray for your family...and the one yet to arrive. I miss seeing you!

Nicki said...

I want some raffle tickets! How do we get them?

Anonymous said...

I would like some raffle tickets as well. We just got a Wii about a month ago! And I would love to give to such a great cause!
Amy Williams

Rachel Wilson said...

Ok wow that is sooner than we discussed isnt it? OK I will get on the stick and talk to Ann. I am really excited about this one. Now on my check I can right for Ben instead of 5th Freeman!