Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adoption Update - Tuesday

Yes, another update.

We got a call this morning about an expecting mom in FL who is having a c-section this week. We decided to submit our profile and I actually just heard from the caseworker that they are overnighting our profile to the birthmom as we speak. We know it is a boy and that she has already seen a few profiles but was unable to find a family that was right for her and the baby.

It's been a very busy day. This call was actually NOT from one of the agencies we signed up with yesterday which is actually pretty funny (although it doesn't surprise me at all). Honestly, I am trying to not get excited and I am doing great. Pretty mellow about the whole thing honestly.

Angie V. and I went for a fabulously yummy lunch at the Veranda in Hendersonville. I then went and got my nails done, where M.E. was absolutely HORRIBLE. This was the first time she showed her 19 month old pitch a fit self in public and it was just tons of fun, let me tell you. When we left, I told her to tell everyone in there "bye!" because she wouldn't see any of them again for at least 3 years!

Now I am home to return phone calls and plan a transracial playgroup for tomorrow. Please say a prayer for this expecting mom in FL and her little boy that hasn't entered the world yet. I'll keep you posted!


Susan Smith-Alltop said...

I'm praying for all involved! I hope you know something soon!~Susan

Kristi J said...

ok, so you'll have to email me and tell me how you self submit your profile...Our Ethiopian adoption has been a roller coaster ride but we're seeing it through and believe God has a baby for us there...But was wondering in the mean time if I could self submit ourselves out there...we couldn't get a baby until our ET baby is home, but I'd love to get two together if possible...I'm going to an informational meeting at Mariams Promise on april 7th...CAn't wait to see how this plays out for you guys :) kristi

jeanine said...

Praying, praying, praying .. ..

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all..


Laura said...

Praying for you!! Found your blog recently and LOVE it!! I am trying to start a transracial fellowship group in NC. Can you PLEASE give me some tips!!!!-- We adopted our son in May and he is the best little boy ever..and spolied rotten by his big sisters!!!
If you have time to share some tips please feel free to e-mail me.

Katie said...

How exciting, I will be praying for you..