Saturday, March 21, 2009

Upwards Basketball - Saturday

On Friday night, I went to bed early simply because I was frustrated with the whole adoption process AND I had a migraine. I gave in and went to bed. Because I went to bed so early, I was up bright and early on Saturday morning and decided that was my sign that I was to go junking. I called mom and we met up about 7am. We headed to a neighborhood yard sale where I found some great deals. I had been looking for a bookcase for our bonus room to house my scrapbooks. I found a BRAND NEW black 6 ft. bookcase in box for $25!! I also got a Leapster and 6 games, a Build A Bear and some clothes, and another toy. I spent less than $35 total!

The boys had their last basketball game at 8am so we went and watched them. Then, we headed back to the house to assemble the bookcase, clean up and get prepared for Anna's 1pm basketball game. I should take this moment to tell you that her last game was actually a mommy/daughter game. I should also take this moment to tell you that I am not a basketball playing kind of gal. Give me a volleyball anyday, but not basketball.

So, at 1pm it was time for the faceoff. As I told Anna, it was on like donkey kong. Aunt Ali and her friend Lindsey also came and played. I did not realize how out of shape I was until I had to run up and down a court, dribble and shoot for 5 minutes non stop. WHEW! During half time, Anna mentioned that she was a little dizzy and hot. We dosed her up with some Gatorade and told her to rest. Honestly, I didn't even notice a while later that she was back in the game. I didn't notice until I saw Jonathan carrying her off the court (J was the ref) Evidently, her vision went black while running and she almost passed out. He scooped her up, carried her to the sidelines where we pumped her full of sugar and put cold compresses on her forehead and neck (THANKS AUNT ALI for all your help!). After a few minutes, her pulse was still 62 and she was still very dizzy and disoriented so it was off to the emergency room.

I don't believe in coincidences and this was yet another example of God watching out for us. When we arrived at the hospital and checked her in, our friend Beth walked out. She just happened to be working and noticed Anna's name come across the screen. She immediately made us all feel better and within a few minutes we were in triage. We then went to her room in the ER and guess who her nurse was? Her sunday school teacher! By the time we got back to the room, she was FINALLY feeling better and getting her color back. The ER doc decided to go ahead and run some tests just in case. After getting blood drawn and having an EKG, we were discharged with a clean bill of health. They sent her home with strict orders to rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Here's my tween laying in her hospital bed. This is after she started feeling better.

Look at these LONG legs. Have I mentioned she looks like a spider monkey on the basketball court? She never stops moving.

We finally got home around 6pm and were just exhausted. I'm looking forward to a nice day of rest tomorrow!


Dawn said...

I hope had a good night and is feeling better.

Kim T. said...

OK A) I wonder if you'll even get this comment since you rarely look back. B) I normally read in my google reader and not on the blog itself so I've not yet seen the pic of ME with the basketball - stinkin' adorable!!!! C) Anna gets this from her Aunt Kim, I used to get all black and dizzy at karate when I got too hot too quick. Bless her little spider monkey bones!

jeanine said...

What a scary day! So glad A. is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Glad Anna is feeling better! Bless her heart!