Friday, March 6, 2009

The Winner Shopping...

As you know, Melissa won the adoption fundraiser and got to shop with me! What I didn't tell you is that I know Melissa because we both adopted transracially through Bethany Christian Services. So when I facebooked her and told her she had won, we also decided to make it a little playgroup for our kids.

So yesterday, before Melissa shopped, all my friends who have adopted transracially (white mommas, black babies) came up and we let the kids play. We had Melissa, mom to two girls. Alison, mom to two girls. Amber, mom to bio girl and boy/girl twins. And me and M.E.

M.E. LOVED following around Cale and Brynn, Amber's kiddos. She wasn't quite sure what to think of Melissa and Alison's babies. We had fun watching Melissa shop and Angie V. snapped this picture of her with her finds. Melissa had never been to Encores North before so I was especially excited just to see her face when she saw how much stuff she had to pick from. The only thing she didn't find was a side by side stroller.

Thanks girls for bringing the kids to play. Amber and I got our baby fix (at least, for a few minutes) and it was fun to catch up with friends who "get it"

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amberlee said...

Thanks so much for inviting us =)
I am really glad it worked out.

Brynn's favorite baby is now called "Mairwee" lol.