Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Transracial Playgroup

I got some friends together today so all of our kiddos could play. We finally drug out the camera to capture all of us (except me-the picture taker) I figured you guys might want a face to go with names.

I had someone leave a comment wanting to know how to start a playgroup. Here's what we did...

I found people in our agency that had also adopted transracially. It just so happened they were also on Bethany's online forums so it made it easy to say "hey, let's get together!" Alison B. actually sent out the initial message on the Bethany boards and the first time we met with anyone new was at a mall play area. From there, we just started emailing at random and trying to get different people together.

Right now our playgroup consists of the following people:
Melissa, who has two girls (both Bethany babies)-wasn't able to come today
Alison B., who has two girls (both Bethany babies)
Amber, has a 5 year old bio daughter and boy/girl twins (Bethany babies)
Kelly, has one boy (Bethany baby)
Amanda, has one boy (Bethany baby)-I haven't gotten to meet her yet, I forgot to invite her today (yes, I suck)
Leslie, has one boy (Bethany baby)-she couldn't come today either
Linda, has one girl (Bethany baby)-she couldn't come today either
and me...

I think that got everybody (someone tell me quick if I forgot someone)

So, today we decided to get together at my house since the weather was CRAPPY here in Nashville. I was really hoping to go to Dragon Park in Nashville, but again, weather was not so hot for an outside playdate. Maybe next time.

When we get together, we honestly just let the kids run wild. All of our kids are 2 and under so if you try to occupy them, you just end up getting frustrated. The kids had a great time today (we had 7 kids here 3 and under-Alison brought a friend's little girl). The kids loved playing with each other and exploring all of M.E. and the boys' toys. We just sit around and talk about life experiences being a mom of a black and/or bi-racial child, the events on the Bethany boards, life happenings and just stuff. There is no agenda and nothing formal...just some tired mommas getting together and knowing their kids are going to sleep GREAT on the way home.

All of us pretty much live all over Nashville, so we usually just try to rotate houses or locations that are pretty neutral for everyone.

About 10 minutes before Alison arrived, I noticed M.E. was more clingy that usual. Sure enough she had a temp. GREAT. She did great though considering we could all tell she didn't feel well. Matter of fact, she is snoozing at 4:40pm as I type this which is totally not like her.

In the above pic, on the left we have Kelly, momma to Nathan. She is also holding a sick M.E. Next to her is Amber holding Charlotte and her son, Cale, is in front of her. Next to her is Cale's twin sis, Brynn. Alison is on the right holding Norah (who did NOT want her picture made) and Norah's friend Jayden.

We had a great time today. Ladies, THANK YOU for coming and keeping my mind off the phone ringing. Speaking of, we have still heard nothing and feel like it will probably be tomorrow before we know something.


Katie said...

Okay I'm a little jealous. My home e-mail is I sent Alison B a e-mail about visiting you all. We will be in Nashville (Franklin on 4/8 most of the day, that is our plan. My step mom lives in Franklin so we are spending the night. Not sure if you all want to meet up at the mall just so we can meet and the girls can play. I can't believe how long ME's hair is.She is precious and I'm glad she is doing so well. I wish I could live in TN what a nice place. Talk to you later.

kbell said...

just looking at this picture makes me laugh.

Can anyone tell, just by looking at it how hard the picture was to take?? haha

Andi-bo-bandi said...

We have a BCS group too formed via the boards! Not a transracial one, but I love them all and it's so great to have people who "get" the whole adoption thing. :)

Maria said...

Hey, we are transracial and have a Bethany baby!! :-) I want to come. How's that for inviting myself!! :-) Looks like you all had a BLAST!! Cutest babies in the world, I think.

Kyle and Crystal said...

So jealous! Looks like you had fun :)

jeanine said...

Such a cute pic. Poor M.E. Sorry she doesn't feel good. :( She looked so tiny all curled up! I'm still waiting with you . .. I know you'll keep me posted. Thinking about you a lot over the last couple days. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Can't thank-you enough for answering my question!! Too bad we live in NC!! But we do LOVE LOVE that indoor/outdoor water park in Tn.(Smokey Mt resort) or something like that... You've helped me put together a direction for the group and how to get it started! I'm grateful!! Love the pic too!!! Praying that God would send your new baby (ies) soon and the wait will be short! Thanks again!!!
Laura Gould