Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guess Who Got Her Ears Pierced?

On Friday, I was having a poopy day. I was frustrated with the whole adoption process, fighting off sinus headaches and just ill. My dear friend whom I have decided I was DESTINED to be friends with, Alison Bynum, and I decided to get together. She's a brave woman for putting up with my crap. Anyway, M.E. and I loaded up to head to Smyrna and hang. We got some Sonic and headed to Alison's for lunch with the girls. I got some good Charlotte loving while M.E. ate. Then, Norah got up for her nap and said "Bee!" which totally made my day. After lunch, we were tossing around ideas of where to go. That's when it hit me! Let's go get M.E. and Char's ears pieced. She called Brad. I called Jonathan. Neither cared so we decided to go for it. We headed to Claire's in Smyrna.

I'll let the pics tell the story, but first I have to say a HUGE thank you to Alison for capturing this special moment for Mary Elizabeth. I will treasure these pics forever!

This pic was taken before at Alison's. The last picture of my baby before the earrings!

Picking out the right ones:

Norah watching as the drama unfolds:

Yes, she cried. But not for long. And then she was a happy camper!

Yes, she is officially a todder. I LOVE the earrings on her. She has done great so far and Anna is very excited that they will get to have matching earrings!

P.S. Alison decided not to pierce Char's ears after all.


Eddie, Leslie and Sutton said...

Brea, Mary Elizabeth is beautiful! I absolutly love the very first picture, such a pretty girl! AND HER EYES, oh my goodness, her eyes are gorgeous!

Susan said...

What a big girl!!! I LOVE the last pic of her looking up and smiling. :)