Saturday, March 21, 2009

Build a Bear and Rainforest Cafe - Wednesday

Can I just say I feel like I have lived nine lives since Wednesday? Oh wait, that's a cat that has nine lives. Well, anyway, we've been a tad bit busy. Here's the scoop.

We promised the kids we would take them plus a friend EACH to Build a Bear on Wednesday night. We paid for each child to make a bear of their choice, but they had to use their own money to buy any accessories. Anna, Isaac and Luke made $70 EACH at the consignment sale from cleaning out unwanted toys. Anna asked her friend Kelsey to go with her and Isaac and Luke asked Camden to go. They also wanted Austin to go, but he was feeling under the weather. Here's the first pic I snapped of them getting their animals stuffed. You'll notice that Luke is not in this pic simply because he COULD NOT make up his mind as to what he wanted. I thought the kid would never pick one out.

Then we had a reservation at the Rainforest Cafe. We were supposed to be there at 7:22pm even though we had put our name in a full hour before that time. It was kids' night where all kids meals are $1.99 with each adult meal purchased. It was packed. So we piled into rainforest with many stares and looks. You see, Anna and the boys are practically the same size, Camden is the same size and Kelsey is also a peanut, so it looked like we had 5 kids the same age. This first pic was snapped in front of the water.

Our kids were OFFICIALLY bouncing off the walls. So excited about all things bears. So excited about all the animals and the storm coming at Rainforest. So excited because there was a balloon man four tables over. SO EXCITED.

I was really proud of the kids because even with all the excitement, they still acted very good and used their manners. Here's the boys:

Here's the crazy girls:

Here's a tired mommy and daddy:

After our yummy meal, we let the kids order a Volcano. If you've never had a volcano, it's basically brownies, ice cream and lots of whipped cream. They put a silver sparkler in the top and shout VOLCANO! as they bring them out. The kids were so excited. Mom and Dad weren't. It was $12 for a freakin' desert.

The kids had a great, late night. They all fell asleep with their bears tucked in beside them.

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sounds like fun!!!!