Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chattanooga - Incline Railway

After Ruby Falls, we ate lunch and then headed back up to the Incline Railway. This was one of the things I had actually never done in Chattanooga, so I was pretty excited.

We had bought the combination tickets at Ruby Falls, so we honestly expected this to be pretty easy. Get in line, get on the train. Yeah, that didn't happen.

We got in line only to find out that the ticket we had bought at Ruby Falls actually needed to be inserted into a machine so we could get a different ticket. That sounds fine, except we had been standing in line for a while. So, I got out of line, went around the track to the machine that had about 15 people waiting to use it and waited. And waited. Yes, the machine wasn't working. Fabulous. I finally got up to the machine that was working and inserted our six tickets. It only printed FIVE tickets out. I had to get the guy working on the other machine to open this machine and get out my last ticket and then run back over to the line to make the train.

It was worth the drama though. Basically this little train takes you straight up the side of lockout mountain and the views are amazing. Honestly, it's a little scary, but definitely worth the money for the tickets.

When you get off the train at the top, there is a gift shop, Dippin Dots stand and a park. We opted to get back on the train and ride it down because we still had a trip to Rock City ahead.

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