Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break - Off to Chattanooga

We were supposed to go to the Wilderness in the Smokies water park this week, but the couple we were going with ended up having to go to CA. With all the craziness with the adoption, we hated to plan another trip where we could potentially loose deposits on hotel rooms, etc. We had thrown around the idea of Chattanooga, but finally decided Sunday night/Monday morning we were going to do it.

J is having knee surgery next Thursday so he was unable to ask off from work. It appeared it was going to be me and the three older kids, but then JuJu and Papa Eddie decided to go. Monday night we took M.E. to Grandmothers and the kids were bouncing off the walls as we packed for our two day excursion. You would have thought we were going for a month the way the kids were packing. For those of you that don't have children old enough to pack themselves, trust me when I say it's a real treat to reach your destination and find some of the things your kids pack. For instance, upon opening the toiletry bag at the hotel, I found two complete boxes of superhero bandaids. I guess they thought they were staying with Edward Scissorhands.

We woke up Tuesday morning and got ready. JuJu and Papa Eddie came to the house and we set off on our Chattanooga adventure. I did mention it was Spring Break right? Yeah, well it was 30 degrees outside and spitting snow when we left.

I have decided I am going to break up the posts by where we went in Chattanooga so that others traveling down the line can hopefully benefit from some of the awesome things we did and some of the not so great things we did. Hope you enjoy!

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