Tuesday, January 22, 2008

8 Things About My Kids

I got tagged by Sarah Andrews. Can I just say how excited I was!?!?! I always wanted to get tagged but emailing someone and asking them to tag you, well that isn't really how it works. Anyway, I am supposed to blog and tell all my faithful readers 8 things about my kiddos and then tag 8 more people. I'll have to think about who to tag, but until then...here we go:

8 Things About Anna, Isaac, Luke and Mary Elizabeth:

1. Anna loves to read. She is currently reading the last Harry Potter (keep in mind her beloved mother hasn't read a single one of these, but daddy did to make sure they were ok for her to read) and plans to start the Nancy Drew series next. I loved to read growing up (and still do!) so this makes me proud!

2. Isaac loves to help me around the house, especially with cooking. He is a great little cleaner and loves when I tell him that he is my little helper. He even knows how to empty the Dyson, which is no easy feat!

3. Luke has a wart on the end of his nose that is getting ready to come off. We have been to the doctor several times for this and they finally put him on a high dose of Tagament that he takes every night for several months. The funny thing is that I was part of the experimental study for this at Vanderbilt in 1996 because I had some funky warts around my fingernails I couldn't get rid of. How weird that the experimental study is now something they are using on my son!

4. Mary Elizabeth probably has reflux. They won't treat it because she continues to gain weight, but the kid can projectile vomit like none other. She is so funny though...she can get so sick and then look at you and give you a killer smile!

5. Anna loves to perform. Last year she sang at Beech Elementary's Talent show and did an amazing job. She sang "Happy Girl" by Martina McBride and is already planning on a new performance for this year. She is a great singer and I am so proud!

6. Isaac is already reading like a champ in kindergarten. I love to hear him read to me and after he reads a line, he will laugh out loud at a funny sentence. He's so adorable!

7. I think Luke has decided his job in life is to give love to every stuffed animal known to man. His best friend (besides Isaac) is his stuffed bear Johnny. He immediately falls in love with anything that is given to him including a rock a buddy gave him at school today. Tonight before bed he wanted to know where Johnny and Rocky were. He is so sweet and loving!

8. Mary Elizabeth is a momma's girl! I finally got one! Don't get me wrong, all my children love me...but I can truly do no wrong in M.E.'s eyes. Every time she hears my voice she lights up and I can't lie...I love it. She is so sweet and loves to snuggle on my chest. She is the apple of my eye and I am so blessed to be her mom.


Alison said...

Love it...So true. You do have the best kiddos and we are so lucky to be a part of their lives. Great post!


Mindy said...

The one "good" thing about reflux is that babies usually do outgrow it in a year or so. *grin*

I had a BAD projectile vomiter once. I started taking two beach towels with me into her room for her middle of the night feedings...one for whatever we were sitting on, and another to protect my clothes.

Great list!


Brea said...


I need your email addy...I can't find it and I am dying to read your blog! :)

We, too, use many a beach towel :)

Beckie said...

Hey Brea...you need to add a pic to that entry...your kids are awesome! Beck

Anonymous said...

Awww.....this is so sweet it makes me want to come live at the Freeman house. Except for the vomit part!!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl I love your blog (probably don't recognize my name. Holly Poole's little sister). I saw your blog and I was totally caught by surprise, "That's Johnathan's wife."
I also saw on your blog roll "the adoption story" Such a small world, because I'm friends with her. Christy (my friend) introduced me to her when she was in the hospital. Her daughter, Norah is best fiends with her, Lanie Ann.
such a small world. I love Norah so much!
Maggie Poole Stamper

Tell Johnathan I said hi

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Great to meet you tonight. All your kids are beautiful. Thanks for letting me hold Mary Elizabeth tonight ... it reminded me of being in Haiti with Story!