Friday, January 18, 2008

Follow Me Tees

Gotta check out this new site! LOVE these shirts and love their mission:

Follow Me Tees is a place where the purpose is simple, and the message the same. Our desire is to make shirts with simple phrases and pictures that will open up doors for conversation with folks around you. We do not expect our shirts to give the entire message, but rather be a tool for opening some doors so you can share your story. Some will be plain statements, others will be more "amphibious", allowing you, the shirt bearer, to reach anyone around you. We hope that through offering you these simple shirts, with simple slogans, you will be able to touch your world as Jesus touched his!

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Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Phew - I just spent the last two hours reading your blog (I think for the first time, altho I may have come across it before). Anyway, I started reading your blog originally when I saw you had an adoption through Bethany, which is the church I go to's adoption agency. Anyway..... then I got very interested in what happened both with your adoption and with your brother-in-law Josh. First off, I hope Mary Elizabeth is feeling better - she is such a cutie, and such big eyes she has! And she is blessed to have you for her mom and dad. Then the other reason I am writing is because I have to find out for sure how Josh is doing. I also had a heart "problem" a year ago, and so read with interest what happened to him. And I also wanted to make sure, because I was getting very confused reading the blog backwards,(older posts), and then scrolling forwards - I was very confused, but Josh recovered and is doing fine again, right? I think I probably also misread the part where he died and then came back to life (I was at first thinking you were talking about eternal life - duh!) so would you please ease my suspense, and let me know what happened there? I would greatly, greatly appreciate it! (I am a child of the King also, btw!!!) If you could email me at: (I think you need to do this in code these days, to not get hunted down for junk mail) but its, dcarlson11553(at)sbcglobal(dot)net - so hope I hear from you soon - blessings to you all!!!

Diane (from Michigan)

P.S. - sorry for the great length here!!!