Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Favorite Christmas Gift

Although I got a ton of awesome gifts for Christmas...this was my favorite. THANKS to my sister Alison...they are beautiful and yes, you need to sell them at the next consignment sale :) Love you...


Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Did she make those?? You know I am getting ready to have a baby soon, I may need to get in touch with her! Can you help me out?? She also knows some friends of ours, she goes to church with them out at FBCS, small world huh??
I love those burp cloths, I guess that's what they are!!

Brea said...

Hey girl! It is actually my sister Alison (I should probably clarify that huh!)

Yes, she made those!!! They are SO cool huh? I told her she should sell them...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying!! I need to get some!! Just as soon as I know what we are having!! I wanted to get with you about your consignment sale, b/c we need a ton of stuff!! We don't have anything! I will e-mail and ask all the questions!!
Thanks and I will definetly keep those burp cloths in the back of mind for when my little one arrives!!
Thanks Brea!

Alison said...


I am so glad that you loved the burp cloths. I wanted to create something special for our new niece, especially since this was her first Christmas! They are made with lots of love.

Thanks for your sweet post. It means more than you will ever know that you love them.

I can't wait to get Anna Boo's Valentine's Day shirt finished!

Love you so much,