Sunday, January 20, 2008

Josh Update

I realized after Diane's comment on my last post (thanks for reading my WHOLE blog by the way...I am super impressed), that I haven't updated everyone on Josh's health in a LONG time.

Josh is doing great. He is back to work full time. His heart is doing great and he has not set off the defibulator (spell?) thank goodness! We do not need any more drama from you mister! The doctors are very impressed with his progress and are slowly weaning him off his meds which I know he is very thankful for!

He is the one that takes many of the fab pictures of Mary Elizabeth on this site (along with Alison Bynum) and has recently really started getting more and more into photography. He recently did his first "official" photo shoot which you can check out on my sister's blog here.

So in conclusion, Josh is doing great and here's a great pic of him I stole from my sister's blog:

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