Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hitting the WORD...

Mary Elizabeth is coming down with a cold (we pray it is just a cold) which has caused some her to have some congestion. The congestion has caused her to gag at various times which has caused her to bring up most of her formula the last 24 hours. This has led to us being cooped up indoors and lots of changes of clothing and lots of baths!

In light of my struggle in finding a space for the consignment sale, I was reminded again this week how God has answers for everything in the bible. I have really enjoyed spending the time being cooped up not only in my pjs, but also in HIS word. I started in Revelations because of a conversation my grandparents and I had earlier this week. This is what struck me that I don't think I have ever really realized before:

The bible really isn't that hard to understand.

For years I had convinced myself that the reason I didn't spend more time reading the bible was because even if I did, I wouldn't really understand it. This changed two years ago when we had our women's accountability group at my home and I fell in love with the bible and figured out that this book REALLY applied to me. I have gone through periods in the past two years where I have read it like crazy and then not touched it for days, but I have found that I always come back to it because it is like the itch you can't scratch. I just have to get back to it.

Even in Revelation, which is probably one of the craziest, hard to understand books in the bible, it still pretty much makes sense to me. The end times are coming...they are. We need to get ready. One way to get ready is to get in the bible.

So that's my blog for tonight....God's word and a little bit of vomit. Good times at our house!


Alison Bynum said...

oh my goodness i just emailed you about my pastors sermon from this week. it was about the end times.

Anonymous said...

Go to and check out all the references you get when you search the word "spew" or "vomit". WOW......God really talked allot about it!! Who'd of thought about that one!! Thanks! This turned into quite an interesting little study.