Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Happenings

Yes, it is a Monday. I can tell you this because these are the things currently happening at our home:

1. The pipe that brings the condensation from the upper furnace (the piece that heats our upstairs) froze going outside causing water to back up in the pipe causing the pipe to leak. This leak caused a ceiling tile in our basement to break spilling yucky water all over the floor. Keep in mind this is the second time this has happened in the last couple of months. Last time it was the pipe for the downstairs furnace. Boy would I love to get a hold of the sub-contractors that put this system in.

2. Mary Elizabeth is still sick. Better, but still sick. Did I mention that she is a little high maintenance when she is sick? Make that a lot of high maintenance. I get it...she feels bad and only wants to be held, but I haven't had a shower in...well, a while...and I am tired.

3. I just spent 5 days working on a letter of intent for a lease agreement for the consignment sale. Now I have written a few letter of intents in my time, but this one was different. It was tough and it stressed me out. Especially not knowing if it will be enough to get a space for this sale. Pray hard as the leasing agent presents it to the landlord in the next few hours.

4. I've decided my feet are officially frozen. They can't get warm. I have on wool socks and houseshoes (trust me, I am not looking good today. Take this moment to thank God for no webcams at my home) I am considering going upstairs and putting them on a heating pad but worried that this might be overkill.

5. My hairdryer is currently stuck in the wall trying to unfreeze the pipe. I'm not kidding. See the proof below.


jeanine said...

lol - sorry buddy. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

You too!! Don't feel bad....last week I had a cat in my air ducts! And $1300 later, it's gone! Of course, you might know that if you read other people's blogs, you blog snob!! Ha!

Hope all turns out ok. And I'm SO dang happy you're coming Friday. Way to Go SARAH ANDREWS. Show up, put Brea's butt in the seat of your car, and! No fun shopping excursions ok??


craftyblah said...

Okay, you win the prize for bad Mondays!! I hear you on the shower & keeping warm/not looking good. Sunday I almost cried because all I wanted was a shower & warm toes.