Monday, January 7, 2008

MRA Results

Yes, I just got them. Yes, I only just got them because I drove to the doctor's office and stood at the receptionist's desk until someone went to the back and found them. That's what they get for not returning a phone call for 6 days. Never mind that they didn't call me back, they also didn't call my family doctor back either. UGH.

They are normal! We think. They want to meet with me next Friday to go over a course of treatment. Oh, and did I mention that they forgot to put contrast in me for the test...yes, that's right. (By the way, contrast is a dye so they can see things clearer for those that don't know) I even told them when I went in for the test in the tractor trailer in the back of the parking lot that the doctor wanted me to have contrast, but they said that since he hadn't ordered it, they wouldn't put it in me. I am now waiting to find out if that is the reason the test looked normal OR if they needed the contrast to really see. I guess we'll find out.

Since they work at the speed of light, I'll give you another report in a week or two when I know something.


Kim said...

This sounds about right for a tractor trailer in the back parking lot kinda test

Sarah :0) said...

now did you expect anymore from a tractor trailer test? I'd probably get a second opinion.

Beckie said...

I don't know what to say...except this could only happen to Brea. Love Ya Girl!