Friday, January 4, 2008

The Great Vehicle Debate

You know, I wish we lived in a society and a climate where we could all ride bikes. It would be so much easier. But, alas, with four kids and constantly hauling all their crap, that can't be. For those of you that have followed this blog, you will remember the passing of Betsy the Beasy (our Yukon XL) in July and the addition of Sheila the Suburban at the same time. Since then, I have been fighting the good fight with whether or not to trade down to a mini-van. Don't get me wrong. I love being the queen of the road in my mighty Sheila...I'm large and in charge when I am driving her! Matter of fact, I feel quite inadequate those rare times that I drive Jonathan's Accord. I forget how low normal cars actually sit to the ground. BUT I am sick of paying $90+ to fill up the tank. I am sick of my children thinking it is quite all right to step onto the second seat to climb over to the third row. I actually long for doors that magically open with the push of a button. AND YET, at the end of the's a car and I hate the thought of sinking even more money into something that rapidly drops like a rock in value.

Speaking of which, we bought ole Sheila in July and actually got what I thought was a decent deal. We took it to Carmax tonight just to see what they would give us so we would know a worst case (we are trying to look at all of our options) in case we decide to sell her and buy the mini-van. Can you believe their offer was HALF OF WHAT WE PAID less than 6 months ago??!?!?!?! I looked up trade-in value on KBB and their offer was half of what they say. What is the freaking deal? Is no one buying Suburbans because of gas prices? Or are they just hoping we are SUCKERS?

Ok, sorry for my rant...I'll keep you posted on what we decide. We might just have to have a naming contest for a new van soon :)


Mindy said...

Gas prices ARE getting crazier and crazier. Who knows, though, when it comes to dealers...

Hey, taking a rabbit trail here for a minute. Have I mentioned to you yet that I have to go invite-only with my blog? (long story, butI have a creepy internet stalker with a foot fetish...blech!).

Shoot me a message or a comment over at "my place," so I can add you to my invite list...I need your email address to do it.

Invites will come out sometime next week.

Love ya,

Sarah :0) said...

I talked to Helga and although she loved you, she wanted me to let you know that she is quite happy with her new family!! :):) I will say though that having the "magic" sliding doors would be nice and I do LOVE the space I have to be able to change a diaper. Come back from the dark side!!!!! :) hahahah

Anonymous said...

Do it!!! DO IT!!!!!!! Join the minivan MAFIA!!!!! Don't chicken out, don't you want to be cool with the rest of us??!!! ha ha, I would keep the SUV!!

Anonymous said...

I love this great debate. Glad you're moving on up.....that is that your bank account will be moving on up!!