Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top 3

So instead of doing my new year's resolutions, I thought this might be something new and fun to do (and I might add, I came up with this all by myself). All I ask is that if you read this and get inspired, post the same list about yourself on your blog as well. We can learn a little bit more about ourselves and hey, maybe even help each other out a bit. ENJOY!

Top 3 Things I Am Pretty Good At:

1. Getting a Good Deal
I am a bargain shopper...I kind of feel like it is my job since it is one of the ways I can contribute to our family's income. Since I am not technically bringing in income 10 months out of the year, I view saving some of the money we have coming in as the next best thing. One of the ways I get the good deals is by getting over myself and shopping at joints that most people don't consider cool. I am not afraid to shop at the nastiest of thrift stores, Goodwill, yard sales, craigslist, etc. I am also not afraid to make an offer. Many people don't realize that just because it has a price on it, they usually will take less. Trust me, yes, it made me blush to ask the first few times what the cash price was but when we started getting $1200 mattresses for $600, I don't mind turning red. I compare prices on everything and when I find a good deal, I tell as many people as I can about the place so they too can save money. A good point: Mike Cady. Trust me will not find a better deal on a car than from this man. AND he is honest...yes, an honest car can find one!

2. Being a trustworthy person
Now, I may not be the best at returning a phone call at lightning speed, but I can promise you that if you are friends with me, I will try my best to never lie to you, hurt you or take advantage of you. I believe in being an honest, trustworthy person and I try to live that in every facet of my life. If I make a purchase at a store and get home and realize they didn't charge me for something, I am the one that goes back and pays for it. I would never cheat someone even if it is their mistake. To me, honesty is the best policy. This runs true in friendships....I have always felt that you can't fix something unless you know it's broken. If I have a problem with you, you can rest assured I am going to call you and talk about it. It just works better that way and besides, that's what scripture tells us to do right?

3. Making people laugh
I just love laughing. I remember one time Angie and I were driving and she was telling me a story about two women that laughed so hard that one of them broke her jaw. We got so tickled so we had to pull off on the side of the road. We laughed so hard that my face hurt the next day. Isn't laughing great! I love telling funny stories and putting humor into sad just makes life more fun!

Top 3 Things I Am Not So Good At:
1. Sticking to a budget
If we refer to #1 in the above list, that is a huge reason why. I find great deals and it is hard to pass them up, but every day I am getting better and better. I have gotten even better now that I use my paypal debit card because once I am out of paypal funds, I HAVE to stop spending $. Same thing with using cash and the envelope system that Dave Ramsey recommends, except that I was constantly borrowing $ from other envelopes which completely defeats the purpose.

2. Exercising
I used to love to do this....and when I get started and have a work out partner, I love going, but then something happens and I miss a week and...well, we know how this story ends. I do miss my college work out 5 days a week body though. Granted that body didn't have four kids and a mortgage, but you know, I could definitely firm up. Any inspirational ideas on how to fall in love with an exercise routine would be greatly welcomed!

3. Going without sleep
Why is it when we are 20, we can go 9 days straight on 3 hours of sleep and be completely fine? I am no longer one of those people. I need my sleep, perferably between the hours of 2am-8am. Yes, Jonathan takes the three older children to school so I sleep until 8am. Yes, Mary Elizabeth sleeps until 8am. Yes, if you are thinking about calling me tomorrow at 7:30am, please rethink that because I need my sleep because again, that is one of my top 3 that I am not good at. I want to be able to not sleep. I want to be a bright and perky morning person but I am admitting before God and everyone that I just don't think it is ever going to happen. even with coffee.


Karen said...

What a great idea. I think I will snag your idea and post it on my blog in a bit!

Brea said...


TOO FUNNY! I am laying in bed reading your blog! Miss you girlie!

J&T said...

Found your blog from a friend of ours ( Thanks for the Resolution post on the 31st.

And these "Three" things list will probably shortly wind up on my blog as well ;-)

Happy New Year & God Bless!

Susan said...

Great post, Brea! I'm going to borrow this idea for mine too! Oh- and if someone gives you ideas on how to love exercising- will you pass it on to me? :)

Sarah :0) said...

my secret to exercise is to just stay pregnant or have just had a baby. I know this isn't going to work forever and I will actually have to work out but then hopefully the kids will be a workout in and of themselves!!! thats sad isn't it?!?!?!?

Brea said...

I love it Sarah...instead of toned up, just stay knocked up! Great idea except I am not a big fan of being pregnant either :(