Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another adoption update...

We got to meet with our social worker, Amanda, today for our individual interviews. We also finished our series of training last night. Jonathan and I have two more training sessions, but for those that are not open to race, their training was completed last night. It's hard to believe that after Thursday (our final homestudy visit-this one is at the house), we are almost at the finish line. What is hard for some people to understand is that once we get this process done (the homestudy) and get officially approved, the hard part actually begins....the wait! Some people tell us it will happen very quickly and others say it might take a while, but ultimately, it is all in God's timing so no one knows for sure except for HIM and I am AOK with that. Because the birthmother is the one who picks the adoptive family, we could be selected right away or it could take two years (or we might not get picked at all).

What have I learned so far? Most importantly, I have seen first hand how quickly a process can move when you are following God's will. I have seen how easily doors can open that seem stuck when you are walking in his ways. My eyes have also been opened to the reality of adoption. To be honest, the more I spend time in this process, thinking and praying for waiting adoptive families, thinking and praying of birthmothers and their extended family, and thinking and praying for those on the administrative side (especially at our agency, Bethany Christian Services)...I have come to realize that the reality of adoption is not something that we as "normal" human beings ever really get to witness. NOW, I am not saying that people experiencing adoption are not normal BUT what I am saying is that I think we should look at the example of Christ and all feel burdened for these orphans. They are not just overseas....they are in our backyards. Don't believe me? Google it and check it our for yourselves. Every day that passes, I feel a stronger calling to educate others on the realities of adoption. You don't have to be wealthy or in perfect health. You don't have to have a huge house or look perfect. You have to have a heart willing to serve and a desire to raise children who need to know what life looks like when the glass is viewed as half full. These children need love, compassion, patience and most importantly, they need the Lord and a family that will support them in their journey.

Even if you say to me that you don't think you can handle another child, would you consider going to the state of TN website and look up the waiting children that are available for adoption. Pick one out and start praying for them....specifically for that one child. You may be the only person lifting that child up in prayer. Something to think about.....

On a lighter note, don't forget to vote on Jonathan's car name (see post below)!

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