Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on the UTI

In case you haven't figured it out by reading this blog, when I get sick, I get sick. No messing around...SICK!!

Last Wednesday while at work I got that familiar pain in my back and decided to get the ole UTI test. Yep, I had a raging infection. Started my cipro and figured it would be gone in a day or two. Saturday wasmy birthday and I got up early to go shopping with my mom and Anna. Felt ok, not great, and was back home around lunchtime. We had a dinner planned that night with family so I wanted to get a nap. Woke up about an hour before dinner and felt BAD. Went to dinner and felt BAD. Woke up Sunday....ooh, really BAD. Went to doctor on Monday morning to have another urine test and the infection was WORSE! YUCK!

So I got to go to my first urologist yesterday morning. Let me tell you, if you have never had the joy of going to this type of doctor, you are really missing out. When I walked into the waiting room, I was the youngest person in the room by 50 years not to mention the ONLY female. After waiting forever and filling out my life history on 9 pages of patient information, I finally was called back and asked to give a sample. I hate doing these things simply because one time years ago I had a little "accident" and knocked the FULL sample cup all over the bathroom. Needless to say, I am a little nervous about this step in the visit. After providing the needed ingredient, I was told to go to room 3. I sat there for quite a while when the adorable little doctor walked in. Now, I shop stop right here and tell you that I am a sucker for cute, little old men. And he was cute, old and little. Anyway, after testing my speciman, he determined that I needed to have further testing which was a little too much like a visit to my OB. Three hours later, he determined that my lower back pain is caused by female issues and the UTI's are treatable with a different type of antibiotic. Note to self: just because it is not the OB's office doesn't mean that you are safe from the stirrups. Girls, you know what I mean.


Kim said...

OH NO! I can't imagine "that" by a cute little old man, I love 'em too!

Kim said...

cute little old men that is, not "that" or the stirrups

BlessedWithDaughters said...

HOWLING over here! Oh My Goodness, you can tell a tale! Are you feeling better?