Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on THE MOVE...

Well, as some of you had guessed, our closing got pushed back until July 30 so we didn't close and move this past weekend. However, on Wednesday, my sister found out that her house was definitely sold and closing on July 9th. They are moving in with us on July 10th so we will be let's count that out. Me, Jonathan, our three kids, Alison, Josh and baby Maggie (who is due July 28th by the way) and Dexter, the dog. Yes, life will be fun for three weeks. The good news? They will have someone to watch Dexter when she goes into labor.

We are moving on July 30th, same day as closing so the end of July/first of August should be fun considering the consignment sale starts August 10th. More on that later!

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