Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Keep your mouth shut!

Ok, I know that I might make some people go "hmmm" after reading this post, but the amount of gossip I have heard lately is enough to make me not want to answer the phone. As a Christian woman, I feel we are called to higher standard to keep our mouths shut, especially if we don't have something nice to say AND/OR we don't have anything to do with the situation we are discussing. Now, I am not trying to say I am perfect (far from it actually), but as you read this today I want you to think about how much you have ran your mouth today. I just talked with a fellow Christian and let me tell you, this problem has got to stop. It is time we get REAL people....stop your talking and start your serving. Next time someone calls me to "tell me" the latest news, I think I will just tell them I love them and let them go. Hold me accountable peeps, the gossip has got to stop!


Anonymous said...

Brea, We haven't met yet, but I have to say you are right on with your Christian
women, we need to remember that Jesus said that we will be known by our "love" for one another, and that others will be drawn to Him by that love. If we act like the world with gossip and backbiting why would someone feel the need for Christ, where's the difference?
Also, we are causing our sisters in Christ to stumble, or worse, to be disillusioned by our lives not reflecting what we "say" we believe! It's not only time to "shut up" it's time to "grow up"! We're are not in middle school or high school anymore ladies, we're in a lost and dying world and they need to see authentic Christians who edify (build- up) their brothers and sisters in Christ, not tear one another down by gossip, don't say it - pray about it should be our response to gossip, take it to the Father and look for ways to encourage one another.

Susan Harris

Brea said...


I just can't wait to meet you...loving that put on your big girl panties attitude. I am not perfect at all...just trying to admit my faults so that people will hold me more accountable :)