Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I took a break...

Yes, a break from blogging world. Blame it on lack of sleep, or my 8 year having the stomach virus....heck, blame it on the weather. I just needed a break.

Nothing new to report on the adoption track. I don't expect that we will hear anything for at least another week.

My big 3-0 birthday is this Saturday :(
Everyone keeps asking how I feel about it? I don't know that I feel anything about it...it's just another birthday. After you turn 18, they just aren't that fun anymore....I enjoy celebrating with the kids on THEIR birthday way more than I enjoy my own birthday but maybe that is just me.

I will say that it is nice to get phone calls and cards from friends, but not at 7am and not the day after my birthday. Doesn't that suck when someone calls you REALLY early the day AFTER your birthday and says "I wanted to be the first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" You really don't have the heart to say "It was yesterday!" when they are so excited that they actually remembered. What you really want to say is "You are the LAST to wish me Happy Birthday and you just woke me up!" No, I'm kidding...it is nice to have people remember.

Everyone keeps asking what I want for my birthday....it's funny as I really thought about that quite a bit today. Honestly, I know I don't NEED anything and there's not much I want.

So I thought I'd put it out there:
If you could have one thing, what would it be?? I don't care if it's funny or serious, I just love getting comments on my blog :)

My thing (if I could have anything): I would really like a Jeep Wagoner...I just love them.... sporty, cute, funky, and they haul a bunch of crap. It will never happen, but hey, I said if we could have anything right? Oh, and I really like my dad's vintage Toyota Landcruiser (hint, hint)

P.S. I haven't forgotten about NAME THAT CAR, I will post on that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I would like............BETSY!!!!:)
Happy early Birthday!

Brea said...


For the right price you can have BETSY!!! Hey, maybe then I can buy a Jeep Wagoner! :)

BlessedWithDaughters said...

Happy b-day on Saturday! I hit my 34th next month...or as I call it, "The fifth anniversary of my 29th birthday."


Jennifer Fleming said...

A week off of motherhood..no not really... LOL
I like getting gift cards to get photos printed!

Anonymous said...

Um...how about a friend that loves ya no matter what??? And, doesn't hold things back from you or against you?? One that likes to laugh at or with you..haha...and always has time for you! Most importantly, knows what a REAL accountability group is about!! (It's me) No kidding, it's a friend like you!!! Love ya, happy birthday, early, 'cause I'll be at the beach on Saturday....Holley