Friday, June 15, 2007

Homestudy Visit Complete

Well, I can officially say that we are done with our part of the we just wait for our awesome social worker, Amanda, to write up the 8 page homestudy and then they will begin showing our profile. She said that the next time we would hear from her would be for one of two reasons. 1)she has our homestudy complete and we are approved OR 2)a situation arises before our homestudy is complete and she is asking our permission to show our profile. GOOD STUFF!

Of course, we couldn't have our home visit without something happening that was a little insane. Amanda needed to see where the smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and child locks were located. Because our house is a newer home, all the smoke detectors are on the same circuit so if one goes off, they all go off. She questioned how we would know if they weren't working? Jonathan hit the test button on the one in the upstairs hallway and what do you know, they ALL start going off with this high pitch wailing and beeping. We all immediately put our hands over our ears as I explain that he'll get it to stop in just a minute. Ten minutes later, they were still going off and I wanted to die. Just as we were about to take a hammer to the main one, they just stopped. I told Amanda that I bet THAT had never happened before!

So now it is time to keep myself busy!! I am helping to host my little sister's baby shower tomorrow. SOOO EXCITED! We have a ton of people coming and I can't wait to see all the neat gifts she gets!

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BlessedWithDaughters said...

Hi! Just found you linked through someone else's blog (Sherri--From the mind of a Bmom).

I haven't yet made my way through the entire blog yet, but I've loved what I've read so far. I'm sort of "networking" to find other transracial adoptive moms, particularly Christian women. I've only been blogging for a few weeks now, but I'm hopelessly addicted! :) Anyway, I'm only commenting on those sites that I find to be those that I will probably make part of my "regular" repertoire...

Stop by my site and see my cuties sometime if you get a chance!

Gotta run...we just got home and we're headed off to my hubby's parents' for Father's Day lunch!